2017 / 20 February

Want happy IT employees? Focus on eliminating your IT baggage, focus on good design, and no blame culture!

it baggage

Happy employees require good working culture, avoiding culture of fear, punishment, and blame. In a culture with lots of baggage (unplanned outage, tickets, and systems always breaking), meaningful work is difficult. Employees get burned out, do not see the way out, and tent to leave. Thankfully, there is a plan:

  1. Focus on getting rid of baggage (lots of help desk tickets, unplanned outages, too much support of existing systems by looking at root causes and not just break-fix or workaround. 
  2. Task your senior staff on looking at problems retroactively and focus design efforts on elimination the most offer recurrent break-fix problems.
  3. Eliminate silos between EA, applications, development, and operations teams by creating smaller cross-functional teams to focus on specific problems or areas.  Current silo culture of development versus operations just enhances the blame (e.g. it is not my problem, worked fine in development)
  4. Innovation and experimentation will DEFINITELY lead to more failures — embrace it and remove the blame culture. If you want to do things differently, it will take several times to get it right.


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