2017 / 22 February

Navy SEALS Started 2 Pizza DevOps Teams in 1962


OK, i am not a military guy, but I LOVE to find unique perspectives on some of the newer technology things that we are seeing every day in IT. DevOps/Agile being so hot right now, I could not resist to find a similarity in non-IT world. And guess what?  The best analogy i could come up with is the Navy SEALS. Strange?

Navy SEALS were formed in 1962 by president Kennedy in 1962 as small, elite maritime military force to conduct specific, small unit, high impact, and high importance missions. They are highly trained, cross functional, highly mobile units that have very specific targets and are quickly in and out.

DevOps teams were formed in 2008 by software development teams when business asked to respond more rapidly to market changes with very specific, high impact, and important business projects. These individuals are highly trained, form cross functional team and have very specific goals with each sprint.

Wait, the ball does not stop here. I was able to find way more relationships between Agile/DevOps and SEALs. See for yourself:


I am not advocating that every team in the organization should be the SEAL (oops… DevOps) team. But when it makes the most sense is the tasks and activities that generate the most value to the business. Leave the rest to the Army, but have your SEAL team focus on the most important activities for your company.





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