2017 / 24 February

Google Wi-Fi simply restored to default your Wi-Fi router overnight

I write this on my wired connection with my whole house Wi-Fi still being disconnected. in the new Agile culture and the world of fast failure, learning from our mistakes and quick turnarounds, it surely took Google a while to figure out what happened.Tons of people took to forums and social media to bash how poorly Google handled this incident. The router is still excellent and I would not trade it for anything, but Google needs to take some service management classes and be more transparent in major incident handling.

Here are some facts:

  1. Thousands of Google Wi-Fi devices stopped working overnight
  2. People calling the Google support ended up waiting for resolution for hours
  3. Google technical support could not assess the nature of the problem for hours
  4. Resolution for the problem is the “Reset to Default” and setup from scratch.

Want to read more about this story, here are some links to media sites:

CNET: Google issue accidentally crashed Google Wifi, OnHub devices


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